Send Recommendations to your friends

You can easily send game recommendation to your friends and you get rewarded with points when your friends engage with your recommendation.

Send Recommendations

Receive powerful recommendations

You will receive recommendations from your friends as well as our A.I. Discover great games together with your friends.

Receive Recommendations

The A.I that watches over your games

We have created one of the first and most advanced game matching engines around. It analyses your library and your game play activity to recommend you games that you’ll love!

Join Playne

See what your friends are playing, completing, and recommending.

Our social features allow you to easily see your friends gaming activity that will help you discover new games you’ll love. Get involved as well and help your friends find games they’ll love.

Create your Feed

One place to track your Library, Wishlists, Completions and Recommendations

You can easily connect and import all your games to Playne from your game networks such as Steam, PSN and XBL.