About Us

GameCupid started off as a Game Discovery Engine, but its evolved into a far bigger, cuter, cuddlier beast.

Game Discovery Engine

GameCupid, at its heart, is an innovative video game recommendation engine.  Our engine works with the help of our community who breaks down video games into its features.  It looks at the games in your collection and offers you game recommendations across most platforms, eras and genres.

Earn Points Based on Your Gaming Prowess

GameCupid looks at your video games collection and achievements you've unlocked and rewards you with prestige points. This defines your level of experience.  

Easily Manage your Track your Games

One click synchronization that allows you to easily bring in all your video games into one place.  We currently support game imports from Steam, PSN Network and XBOX Live. 

Easily Manage and Track your Achievements

One click synchronization of all your achievements.  All achievements are split into four tiers, Very Common, Common, Rare and Very Rare.  We have devised our own measure of uniqueness to truly know how rare an achievement it.

Track Your BackLogs

Easily track games that you've completed in your collection.