Game Publishers and Developers

At Playne, its not about the size of your studio or how many people worked on your game, its all about the ideas that make up your game, its all about the features.  

Adding your Game to Playne

If you are a publisher and want to add your game to our database then create an Account and unlock the relevant skill to Add games.  Then use this form to submit your game to our engine.

Tag Features to your game

For your game to appear in peoples matched list, you'll need to activate features that are there in your game.  You can do this by visiting the contribute page for your game (which is normally<game>/contribute).  You will need to unlock the relevant skills for this.

Get Mod's to Add and Tag your game

It can take a bit of patience to figure out our contribution system, but if you can do it yourself then it will mean your game will be published quicker and the community will get a chance to get to know you and your game a bit better.

If however, you don't want to go add the game yourself (shame on you) then drop us an email at and one of our Mod's can add your game to our engine.  Be warned, this can take time since our Mods tend to be quite busy.