Video Game Recommendations, Tailored For You…

Need something new to play? Playne can help. Our unique game recommendation engine is able to take the games you know you love, and give you an idea of what else you might enjoy. It doesn't matter whether you're into high-octane shooters, thoughtful adventure games or like to crack some brain-teasers in your spare time. Our extensive database of games will be able to match you up with something new in a hurry.

This isn't just for PC gamers either. As well as Steam, we can connect through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network to make sure whether you're at your desk, on your laptop or on your couch, there's always a way to find something to play.

So How Do We Find Recommended Games?

Our game recommendation engine uses our Video Game Genome Project to work out all the features and quirks that make up every game. It looks at the games you've already played to try and figure out the kind of game world, combat system, plot elements and graphical style you love, to try and match you with more recommended video games of a similar type.

How Do I Get Game Recommendations?

Registering for great new game recommendations is as simple as making an account with us and connecting up your Steam, Xbox Live and PSN profiles. There are more bonuses than just tips on new games, too. You'll become part of our community, earning points as you power through achievements, and bringing up your ranking against other members. You'll be able to access our service from anywhere, whether it's on your PC, phone or tablet. If you've ever struggled for what to play, or taken a gamble on a new game and been disappointed, sign up today. We won't let you down.